Worst Wedding Faux Pas That A Wedding Planner Has Experienced

2 Jun

Weddings are supposed to be fun for the couple, for the families and the guests but unfortunately, things can wrong. According to Melissa McNeeley, a wedding planner in New York City, who has worked with Steve Martin and Jim Parsons, there are worst wedding faux pas that she has encountered and it is not as simple as imbibing too much champagne.

Breaches in wedding etiquette that a wedding planner has to be prepared for

MCNeeley said that a faux pas has happened to her twice while she was planning her own wedding and many times for her clients. Wedding couples usually send invitations but some invitees request to bring along a date. This is bad manners on the side of the guest because wedding couples have a list and in most instances, they want an intimate wedding.

If the wedding invitation is RSVP, it is important to indicate in the card that you are a vegetarian or have a food allergy. It is rude to request for a different meal when the waiting staff is already serving dinner. Hosts must know beforehand as well as the wedding planner so that they can make arrangements with the caterer.

Getting ridiculously drunk almost always happens with some guests. It can be very troublesome and can put a damper on the wedding reception. It can be awkward and embarrassing when the person who gives a toast to the newlywed couple is already drunk.

When it comes to speeches, some guests cannot be controlled. They hold the room hostage for 15 minutes even if nobody seems interested. Speeches should only last for 2 minutes or less.

Is it the responsibility of the wedding planner to request the guests not to wear white? Wearing white in a wedding can upstage the bride. Even if you have a great looking white dress, do not wear it.

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