Winners Of Unfinished Projects Announced

24 Jun

You might think you have seen every kind of portable spa in Sydney but you might change your mind after hearing about Matthew Keen. He is one of the winners in a campaign called Unfinished Projects by Speight. His project was at the top because of its originality and creativity. He decided to convert a dumped boat and make a portable spa pool out of it.

Keen recalled that it was in 2011 when he found the dumped boat while he was surf lifesaving at the Himatangi Beach.

His friends tried to joke him about the idea that the boat can be repaired but he saw there was a lot of water in the backside and he answered that it might be a good start for a spa pool. He decided to follow through with his plan. He moved the boat using a trailer that he also got free of charge.

Keen shared that the project has been going on for five years and he had two girlfriends since then. He did it while 15 of his friends saw the progress. He also had to go to the hospital twice due to injuries sustained during the conversion. The first incident, he received a metal shard in his pinky finger while the second one involved his eye and a metal splinter.

He is currently working at the air force as a composite technician and it gave him the skills to redesign the project about four times. He tried heating the water with a wetback woodburner but the idea was not practical. He decided to settle in a heating solution that employs gas califont. The water is being heated through the garden hose. Once the pool’s water level is reached, the hose and califont shuts down and another switch is responsible for circulating the water.

It is a simple type of spa pool, a much different one from the commercially available portable spa in Sydney. The converted boat is also an inexpensive project according to Keen. It also has added features such as a lighting system and a sound system. The music’s frequency is programmed to match the colors of the lighting displayed on the water.