What’s Served In The Best Japanese Restaurant In Bangkok

29 Jun

Here’s a quick guide on Japanese food from the best Japanese restaurant in Bangkok for your information. The names found on the menu and the list of ingredients to make the cuisine may get you confused. However, once you understand that rice is a staple food in Japan and that it’s the base of most of the cuisine, then you’ll understand what to include in your order. Some popular types of rice include the gohan or steamed rice and the mochi or rice cakes. Some condiments include okazu, which is served with rice and soup, dry seaweed (nori), rolled omelet (tamagoyaki) and more. For breakfast, there is the asa-gohan, which consists of steamed rice. Japanese cooking includes a wide range of seafood too.

The best Japanese restaurant in Bangkok serves the following dishes for you to taste and enjoy:

Izakaya: You will want to visit this place for drinking. You have a variety of food choices from edamame, yakitori, sashimi, etc. You’ll definitely combine delicious food with great drinks.

Soba: These are hot or cold Japanese buckwheat noodles served with a variety of toppings.

Ramen: If you prefer Chinese style noodles served with meat or fish broth, this is the best option.

Sushi: This food is served in the best Japanese restaurant in Bangkok and it’s even popular in Canada and the U.S. However, there is a different variety of sushi served in these countries.

Shabu-shabu: Be ready for an exotic delight here with a hot pot containing various fresh ingredients.

Takoyaki: A Japanese pancake combined with octopus filling and topped with sweet sauce, mayonnaise and pickled ginger.

KareRaisu: If you love curry, this should be your order prepared along with Japanese style rice.

Teishoku: If you’re on a budget and love ready-made food, this must be your choice.

Gyudon: This is the cheapest Japanese food served in the best Japanese restaurant in Bangkok. You can have a bowl full of rice topped with finely sliced beef.

Okonomiyaki: This is your chance to create the ingredients in your pancake. Here you combine fresh ingredients of seafood, pork, vegetables, noodles, cheese and mocha. Grills on the table will let customers cook their own okonomiyaki.

Monjayaki: This is an Okonomiyaki where the batter is more liquid. The ingredients are finely chopped and the best Japanese restaurants in Bangkok provide grilles on tables for cooking.