Wedding Photographer Goes Bankrupt, Brides Panicking

23 Jul

Hundreds of brides-to-be in Sydney are panicking after their photography booking went down the drain. According to them, the company they hired for wedding photography is no longer operating. Many bookings will no longer be completed. During the time of announcement, there are brides who will have their wedding day on the same day and it caused them to panic because they have to find an alternative company that will do their wedding photography in Sydney which is considered as an important part of a wedding ceremony.

Many have been criticizing the firm because they continued bookings with brides and promising things such as the resulting quality of their work and the number of photos they will be providing despite the fact that their company is already going bankrupt.

This prompted two brides to go to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal to file claims. The angry women are demanding that the company should refund the money they paid for booking.

The two complainants are Jacinta Bakker residing in Cranbourne and Lyndal Mitchell from Warragul. Both are waiting for the dates of their hearing in court.

In the Facebook page of the company, they announced that they have already filed for bankruptcy and it caused brides to be angry and upset as the same time because they have already been booked and paid for.

The Facebook post said that the company is on the process of filing a petition for bankruptcy for the debtor. They also said that all bookings will still be honoured but they will not be giving back any refunds.

The problem started when the company has a booking at a wedding in Stratford and they failed to show up for the said event. According to the couple, Bekki and David Capes, they booked the wedding photography company and paid $900 for the deposit. They expected two photographers on site that will be covering their wedding day for 12 hours but it did not happen.

Ms. Capes was glad that the Sunday Herald Sun came to the rescue and sent their photographer to do the job instead. Other brides are now facing a problem as they have to book another company that will do their wedding photography in Sydney and other parts of Australia that is local to them.