Water Main Break Results In to Low Water Pressure In Niagara Falls

26 Jan

Before you think of ways on how to improve water pressure in the home, make sure to do some testing using a pressure gauge. The device can be hooked up on an outside water spigot that is turned on to get instant readings. If the reading is low, the city may be delivering water at very low pressure. If the pressure is adequate, there might be something wrong with the pipes.

The Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center was recently challenged with low water pressure because of a water main break at 47th Street and Niagara Falls Boulevard. Aside from the hospital, residential and commercial customers were also affected. Patient care at the hospital was not compromised by the low water pressure but they had to use buckets of water in the toilets. Instead of the usual plates and utensils, the hospital made use of disposable paper and plastic products.

While the city was working on the water pressure issues, the hospital hired a private plumbing company to help improve water pressure internally. According to Patrick Bradley, director of communications and emergency management, the hospital has an emergency plan that they can implement. Loss of water pressure is an emergency that they are prepared to respond to because they have done it before on a shorter duration.

Pumps that are connected to the hospital’s water system make sure that the upper floors where you can find the intensive care unit are not affected. In spite of the reductions in water pressure, the operations at the ground floor where kidney dialysis is located and requires a steady supply of water were not compromised.

Total costs for the incident was still unknown but it is expected to reach thousands of dollars. The hospital is hopeful that water pressure will be back to normal the way they are accustomed to.

One of the ways on how to improve water pressure in the home is the installation of a water pressure booster. The use of the device increases the pressure of water coming from the streets through an electric pump or pressure tank. It also boosts the flow of water when the demand from the family is quite high.