Water Corporation In SA Investing In Solar Energy

17 Jul

According to the South Australian Water Corporation, there will be an installation of solar PV on the rooftop of the building as well as system for battery storage. This is in an attempt to compensate for the high electrical charges which only continues to rise. Solar in Gold Coast is already rising in popularity because of the high cost of electrical energy and many businesses and residential properties are following suit.

There is a proposal request that was sent recently by the South Australian Water Corporation for approval of a solar system that will be connected to the grid. It will have a capacity of more than 100 kW.

The proposal also includes a battery storage system that can handle 50kW as well as smart controls.

The South Australian Water Corporation is responsible for over 27,000 km of water mains in the area including the one in Adelaide metropolitan city which spans 9,266 km.

The corporation believes that if they install the solar and battery storage systems they will be able to handle the high costs of electricity as well as guarantee that the water supply from the company will be sustainable.

The proposal states that the system will be located behind the meter and it will be created to lessen the electricity costs through dispatching the stored energy that is required for operation.

The system will also have the capacity to smooth out the energy from the grid supply.

SA Water Corporation is not the first one to do this as many utilities that handle water and waste management in Australia have already moved to renewable energy.

In Portland’s Victorian city, a plant for water and sewerage system is planning to utilized wind power soon as they have announced their plan to have a wind turbine with 800kW capacity.

The facility of North East Water in Yackandandah which is also located in the region of Victoria has already sent a proposal for the installation of solar panels that can handle 43 kW with battery storage of 40 kW.

As many companies are turning to alternative energy sources, so is the increase of solar in Gold Coast and other parts of the country.