Vespa SXL 150 And 125 Now Has New Colours, Piaggo Planning To Expand In India

3 Jun

Piaggo, the Italian manufacturer responsible for selling the Vespa scooter line, well known for their funky, retro-inspired aesthetics. The company recently made two key announcements, with additional colours for the SXL line, as well as its expansion plans in India.

For the SXL scooter series, aimed at a younger demographic, two new colours are available; matte red and matte yellow. These new colours were released in order to draw in more customers, and will be sold alongside the currently available colours, and were first teased at the Auto Expo 2018 in the India Exposition Mart Limited, India. These new colours also did not demand premiums, and didn’t add any costs to the scooter itself, with the new colours and any other Vespa for sale having the same price.

In India, a Vespa SXL 125 will set a buyer back by approximatelyRs 88,313, or about £975, while its more powerful cousin, the SXL 150 Rs94,409 or £1,050.

Speaking of India and the Auto Expo 2018, Piaggio India has recently announced, following their successes with the event and the recently released Aprilia SR 150, that they have plans to double the number of active dealerships with a Vespa for sale in the country by 2020.

The manufacturer revealed their plans during the expo, when CEO and Managing Director of Piaggio India, Diego Graffi, said that, as dealership numbers were constantly in flux, Piaggio had about 150 outlets scattered across India, and that they plan to at least double that number within a 12-18 months.  Graffi, however, has said that Piaggio, despite its plans for aggressive growth, will still prioritize a unique experience with their stores, in particular their Motoplex outlets.

Currently,  India has five Motoplex stores, all but one of them are located in the southern half of the country; Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi and Bangalore. Graffi adds that the Aprilia SR 150 was really popular in that part of India, which is impressive considering how new the brand was in the country, with sales reportedly exceeding even the more optimistic expectations.

The Auto Expo 2018 saw the launch of the SR 125, and will soon be followed by the facelift of the SR 150 sometime in the middle of 2018, as well as the launch of the new Storm sometime later. Piaggio is reportedly evaluating the RS 150 and Tuono 150 for an India launch.