Urgent Cargus To Make Massive Investment On Automation And Route Optimization

28 Jun

One of the largest courier companies in Romania, Urgent Cargus has revealed a portion of its business plans for the year of 2017, with the company announcing that it is set to make a massive investment for its business structures, hoping to improve the company’s service quality. The announcement was made recently, with the company releasing a statement on the matter on the 19th of June, 2017.

The company’s official statement says that the planned investment will cost a total to £ 8 M, aimed at improving the company’s services to its customers, mainly aimed towards the optimization of the company’s courier routes. Another notable part of the investment involves automation.Urgent Cargus has had prior investigations into the ‘sorting by voice’ technology, and has decided to invest on it, with Total Technologies acting as provider. To top it all off, an automated sorting system will be acquired for the company from Vanderlande.

The company’s general director, Gian Sharp, had recently revealed in a statement that the company processes over 6,000,000 lbs of parcel daily, which it then sorts and appropriately distributes throughout the company of Romania. The company has 2,600 couriers under its employ, all of whom handle the job of delivering the company’s customers their parcels by crossing over 170,000 kilometres on a daily basis.

Urgent Cargus was initially founded in 1991 under the name of Cargus by a group of Romanian entrepreneurs and, at the time, was the country’s first privately-owned courier company. The company was bought by Deutsche Post – DHL last 2008, who then sold it to the Albris Capital Partners investment fund on 2012.

In 2014, Cargus underwent a merger with another Romanian courier company, Urgent Curier, with the two being rebranded as Urgent Cargus. The new company has since expanded during that merger, growing into one of Romania’s biggest courier companies. Urgent Cargus now handles operating a massive delivery network across Romania consisting of 72 assorted centres and warehouses located across the country, with a fleet of over 2,600 courier vehicles delivering parcels from these centres to their respective recipients on a day-to-day basis.