Tourists, Expats And Locals Miss The Street Food In Bangkok

7 Oct

Many travellers visit Thailand and stay in 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit to experience the globally popular street food. Street food in Thailand serves the same function as the British fish and chips that are craved by people from all walks of life. However, many disappointed were when news spread about the crackdown on Bangkok street food vendors.

International media claimed that Bangkok will be unrecognizable without the famous street food vendors. The city authorities explained that the campaign was due to order and hygiene concerns. In response to the outcry, the city authorities said that there is no outright ban but regulations will be enforced. Some of the favourite stalls have disappeared overnight and the decline in the number of street food stalls was very obvious.

Without the street food stalls, the lowly workers in Bangkok will have nowhere to go when they get hungry. However, the chicken pad ka-prao stall that vanished has simply moved to a different location where regulations can be evaded. It might be the back of pickup truck parked a few streets away from the usual location.

Even expats who have been in the city for years are disappointed not only because of the impact on tourism but the vendors who need to make a decent living. If the street vendor that sells chicken and rice around the corner is transferred to an indoor centre, he can’t do anything. Street vendors cannot afford the rent in the indoor centre that is usually patronized by the more affluent.

Footfall is lower in the indoor centre and overheads are high. A female vendor selling street food around the corner only had to pay for electricity that the store consumed. In some areas, the stalls certainly cause problems but still both tourists and locals brave the heat and crowd to buy their favourite dishes.

If you are visitor in Bangkok staying at 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit, the food stalls can now be found in the shopping centre. The food may be more expensive but the flavours have not changed. However, you have an option from all-day set breakfast at no additional cost if you did not wake up in time for international breakfast buffet.