Top Three Innovative Creations For Your Comfort At Home

18 Aug

Boilers have been used in homes for the past decades and have proven that it is an efficient system in keeping households warm and in providing hot water. In fact, several boiler repair companies in Norwich are emerging in response to the demand in this industry. Today, with man’s innovative mind and a continuous search for ways to comfort himself while inside his abode, there are now various wacky and stylish inventions. Here are some of those:

1. Electronic Bidet. In this new innovation, every time you visit the bathroom, the toilet lid will move up to greet you. After you finish discharging the waste in your body, you will experience a warm spray from behind. You will be surprised that the toilet will flush on its own and then lowers the lid itself. If you take a closer look at this new innovation, you will notice that the toilet has a specialized seat attachment.

2. Pool PC. You can now equip your pool floater with a personal computer. From the comfort of relaxing in your pool, you can order pizza via online. This certain innovation was invented and designed by Barry Lai Yin Lock for a competition that he joined. This is not yet out on the market but certainly this waterproof personal computer is feasible. It is made from floatable waterproof plastics which are solar powered and abolishes the need to be plugged in a power source. While most computers are equipped with fans in order to cool its internal parts, the pool PC uses the water in the pool to cool it. The computer features a touchable user interface which eliminates the need for a manual keyboard. The device also includes a GPS device, a wireless Bluetooth and an access to internet. It also includes several stretchable attachments so that you can readily fit it into any size of pool.

3. Hovering Recliner. The Hovering Recliner was showcased at the Sony House exhibit in London. This chair is nothing but ordinary. This was hand built with the use of clear plastics as well as repelling magnets. The Hovering lounger floats from its base. The base and the chair are equipped with magnets with opposing poles which successfully push the chair in an upward motion.