Tips To Choose A Meeting Venue In Bangkok

14 Apr

The venue of a meeting plays an important role in creating the correct atmosphere for the participants. Be it a corporate meeting, sales review or any other business meeting, venue plays an important role in its success or failure. Bangkok is the financial hub of Thailand and most of the companies have their offices here. There are a number of meeting venues in Bangkok to suit the requirements of various businesses.

Choosing a perfect meeting venue in Bangkok is the first step to conduct a successful meeting. Keep these guidelines in mind, when you are searching for a venue for your next business meeting.

  • Conducive – The atmosphere at the meeting venue in Bangkok should be conducive. It should provide all the necessary modern equipment that enable you to conduct the meeting effectively. The venue should feature good sound system, high quality audio-visual equipment, proper seating arrangements, whiteboard and other important equipment that increase the quality of presentations and allow the discussions to take place in a healthy atmosphere.
  • Accessible – The preferred meeting venue in Bangkok should be easily accessible from all other places in the city. The venue should be closer to the BTS and MTS train stations so that the participants can save commuting time to and from the venue. Proximity to mass transit stations and central location will encourage the participants to take part in the meeting. The venue should also have ample car parking space for the invitees to park their vehicles.
  • Comfortable – The venue should be comfortable for the participants to actively participate in the discussions and make smart presentations. A cramped and noisy venue will destroy the ambience of the meeting and distract the members from taking part in the important discussions. The venue should have proper seating arrangements to suit your meeting style and they should be willing to make the necessary adjustments. The chairs should be comfortable to sit in. The temperature should be correctly maintained and there is should be proper noise control.
  • Cost Effective – The selected meeting venue in Bangkok should be cost effective. The costs should match the facilities provided by the venue. Ask for a cost estimate from the selected venues and select the one which offers best value for the money spent.