Three Activity Ideas For Indoor Team Building Activities

14 Feb

All for one and one for all – this can be one typical goal of a team to attain targets that they most likely won’t achieve alone. For building team spirits, indoor team building activities are initiated among teammates in offices and sports teams. Here are some suggestions:

Bridge: The simplest and most creative game that a team can play together is to create a newspaper bridge. All the team members need to do is create bridges that can withhold the weight of a water jug, through the help of newspapers. Building a bridge can help the teams to use minimal resources and create the best method for building the strongest of all bridges. With all the chaos, team members will learn essential lessons such as cooperation, communication and improved relationships.

Tower stack: Another similar exercise which is easy to dois tower stack. Teams are provided with straws and sticking tape of the same quantity. They need to construct the tallest Eiffel Tower only with the material provided and no other objects to support their tower. Teams will get along with each other, gaining everyone’s respect as they listen to various concepts and innovative ideas.

Cooking: These indoor team building activities are intelligent and refreshing. They need to come up with a creative dish for this exercise. And the best part is a chance to eat the result of the cooking experience too. So, if you’re looking for getting a team together, then shove them into a scenario where each one of the members is as helpless as the other. Eventually, they would help each other out and come up with something unusual.

You can begin with a plain salad game that is made of vegetables. The teams are judged by the creativity, presentation and utilization of whatever they have on hand. The thing about this activity is that work has to be divided among the members according to their abilities and preference. Hence, they would be aiming for a common goal while working individually.

The input and participation of every team member is valuable when playing indoor team building activities in the office. However, everyone must believe each one can take part on things that can go as planned. So try to have everyone involved in these activities to be united.