Think Green With These Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas!

7 Nov

As Christmas is fast approaching; you can expect the gifts to be piling up once again sometime soon. Lots of people will start collecting gifts to give out, with that in mind, it can be said that the streets are going to be filled with trash from gift wrapping projects again. To help out the environment a little, it is important that you think a little green while wrapping gifts. You would want to reduce the volume of curbside trash as much as possible.

Here are some helpful eco-friendly gift wrap ideas that you can follow.

  1. Gift Baskets. When gift wrappers and bags are too much of a hassle, the best choice would be to purchase a basket that you can decorate to serve as a beautiful gift bag. The best side of using baskets is that after your friend or loved one has opened the gift, he can also reuse the basket however he wants.
  2. Go Natural. Sometimes you do not need to buy any additional decors. You would only need to step outside in your backyard and get leaves, twigs or even berries which you can use to decorate your gift. You can also go to the beach for seashells. Remember, the most beautiful things can be found in nature.
  3. Get Frugal. You do not have to buy a gift wrapper to wrap gifts. Sometimes all you need is an old newspaper and you’re all set to go. Just make sure to effectively decorate the gift so that it still looks appealing to the receiver.
  4. Go Where? Remember the surplus maps you have collected? Well, you can actually use them as a creative gift wrapping for your gifts. Not only will you be giving out gifts to loved ones, you’re also going to help them with directions!
  5. Go Green. There is nothing greener than reusing old paper or gift bags. They make a good alternative to gift wraps while also helping the environment. Just make sure to decorate them to make them more presentable as well as showing how you took time and effort to prepare such a fine gift.