Things To Do After Pest Control In North Shore

2 Feb

After you have successfully eliminated nuisances in your house with pest control in North Shore, the next thing to do is to ensure that they will not be back again. Pests can damage not only your furniture and personal belongings; they can also ruin your structure which is way expensive to repair. They can also compromise your family’s health including your pets. When you noticed the presence of pests in your house, call a qualified contractor right away to eliminate pests effectively. After the process, it is important to do measures to prevent them from re-infiltrating your house. Here are some ideas:

Clean/washyour upholstered furniture

Pest control involves the use of pesticide and toxic chemicals that may permeate the air and rest on your upholstery. Although there are contractors that use safe and eco-friendly solutions, to be sure, consider dry washing your furniture especially the upholstered one or leaving them under the sun for a few hours. You can also consider cleaning your furniture with steam flow after pest control in North Shore or in your area. Disinfecting your furniture will remove chemical residue from your furniture.

Disinfect carpets

Because of its fuzzy material, carpets are prone to capturing chemicals used during pest control around your house. After the process, steam clean or dry clean your carpets to protect your family from inhaling the chemicals that seeped on the carpets. Steam cleaning is one of the most effective ways to disinfect items including carpets. It is also a good idea to wash your curtains and clothing materials that were exposed to pest control solutions. Use disinfectant or detergents that effectively clean clothing items.

Mop your flooring

You can also disinfect your house after a pest control in North Shore by mopping your entire floor. This will not only get rid of dust and dirt that may have been collected, it will also wipe off the chemical residue of solutions used during the extermination process. Mopping will also wash away stench that brought about by cockroaches or rodents. Use floor disinfectant or cleaners for the process. Be sure to cover your entire floor area.