The Stunning $305 Fine, Set Up For Public Patio Smokers

12 May

If you have your own private patio at your house, you could definitely have your own way of doing things there. However, if you’re on a Public Patio and you’re a smoker, then it would be wise for you to put restraint on your smoking activities as you will definitely pay for more than what you can think of. The fine ticks at about $305, however, it’s only under the jurisdiction of Peterborough City. This fine could definitely be adapted by other Countries and County like the Patio in Norwich and many more.

The law that included the fine has genuinely set forth into action ever since the start of the year 2015. However, it was assumed that it may have been slightly forgotten by the general people that cause for the effects to only happen by now.

Patios are fun places to be in and it’s definitely going to be a lot more enjoyable if people would be able to enjoy them, free from the vile dangers of tobacco smoke. The officer enforcing the law in Peterborough accepts reports and complaints if ever they find themselves within a patio, together with relentless smokers.

How will it be decided on whoever will pay for the fine? If it’s only an individual caught in the act or with evidence, then the individual will the sole proprietor to pay for the fine. However, if groups are seen within a patio and it looks like it’s allowed by the owner, then the owner will have the restaurant owning the patio, pay for the $305 fine.

Along with this law on Peterborough, they have also enforced the healthiness of children by securing 20 meters within sports fields and playgrounds to be smoke-free as well.

The importance of people within a country or a county is important. Peterborough serves as a great sample of showing importance to their residents. Thus, even if smokers are not prevalent in the area, Countries and Counties alike, should re-enforce this kind of law as well, like Doddridge, Norwich and many more.