The Role Of Diving Masks In The Thailand Cave Rescue

10 Aug

One of the first concerns when joining Liveaboard Diving Thailand is the level of experience. Many say that diving in remote locations is only for the experts who have logged 50 dives and have been certified as an advance diver. On the other hand, a new diver without experience must seek the advice of a professional or an experienced diver whether he can dive or if additional training is required.

One of the most important elements of diving is the full-face or partial face mask and the regulator. Full face masks do not require force to breathe, either to exhale or inhale. Exhaled air will be led away with bubbles out on the sides. Fresh air enters from above.

During the cave rescue of 12 Thai boys and their soccer coach, dive shop Ocean Reef played a very crucial role. Responding to pleas for full face masks that will fit young boys, Ocean Reef employees in Italy teamed up with employees from the United Kingdom and Germany as well as companies in Thailand and Italy to deliver masks for the rescue.

One of the hardest challenges was the delivery of masks to the rescuers because full-face masks are assembled in the US while the one that will be used for the rescue were sent from Italy. FedEx knowing the urgency, rushed to get the shipment out of Italy.

The full face masks that were small enough to fit children were donated by Ocean Deep. The models that were supplied to the rescuers were worth $600 in Amazon. When the face masks reached Thailand, a representative from Draeger Safety, ThanyanitUdomnilobol speeded them through customs. Draeger Safety was technically a competitor but the urgency of the situation was the major concern. The underwater rescue was very successful; it was certainly unprecedented.

If you have plans of taking Liveaboard Diving Thailand, it is important to have good diving equipment that will help you breathe underwater. The diving equipment you will need will depend on the diving environment. Make sure that the diving mask fits the face perfectly so that you won’t need to adjust while underwater.