The Meaning Of Luxury In The Hotel Industry

17 May

What does luxury means when used in reference to hotels? Is it outrageousness, glamour, snob appeal or desirability? When the word luxury is attached to a handbag, it is desired because of the label attached to it. Companies spend a lot of money in order to create publicity for a label; however, for a hotel it is experience that they provide to the guests.

A guest at a hotel can immediately tell within the day of checking in whether the hotel offers a luxurious experience. No matter how many millions have been spent in building the hotel, a guest will not have a good experience if the room is awkwardly designed, if hot water is not consistent, if the food is bad, if laundry is not delivered promptly or check-in takes too long.

In the past, luxury did not matter much to the Indians because there were only two major hotels: the Taj that offered traditional Indian warmth and hospitality and Oberoi that offered more than just an international experience. Now there are lots of hotels in the industry and competition became quite tight.

ITC is which is the youngest among the 3 major chains struggled to find an identity of its own and landed having great Indian food. Over the last few years, ITC evolved into Green Chain that gained global plaudits. It recycles it own water and generates natural energy. Besides being environmentally friendly, ITC also focuses on little things to elevate the experience of its guests.

Anybody who has attended a conference will feel sluggish and sleepy after a few hours but ITC offers conference menus that are designed to eliminate if not reduce sluggishness. On the other hand, there is also a similar menu in room service to help guests enjoy a good night sleep. Instead of serving expensive liquids, ITC provides free bottles of fresh water that is infused with wellness herbs.

In Bangkok, the hotel in Ploenchit offers the luxury of being conveniently located to be able to access different locations from tourist attractions to conference venues. Whether a guest is travelling for pleasure or business, the hotel’s favourable location makes transport to other areas faster and highly efficient.