The Inconsistencies Of Sizing For Plus-Size Women Clothing

12 Jul

Dale and Waters was the first in providing fashionable plus-size clothing for Australian women because it believes that plus-size women should not be limited to plain and dark silhouettes. People should not be judged according to the size of their clothes; because at the end of the day what matters is the positive feeling of beauty, relentlessness and determination. Recently, there has been new awareness on the importance of plus-size women clothing with online stores providing diverse collections of fashionable plus-size clothing with comfort and elegance.

Plus-size model Tess Holliday has proved to everyone that they should not worry about the number on their clothes labels. According to Tess Holliday, clothes sizes can be very inconsistent because some of the sizes of favorite brands are her size but they are not size 22. She is always called a size 22 but in some brands she is 2x, in others 3x or sometimes 4x. She went to warn people not to judge size through an image because there is a very likely chance that it could be inaccurate. The model further explained that she wears different brands in different sizes and it is a right fit.

However, plus-size women should get inspiration from Tess Holliday because in spite of her size, she became successful as a model. Modeling not only brought her fame but she is one of the known advocates for body-positive images in the media. She is also a body-positive activist for the more inclusive representation of different sizes in fashion and in media.

Tess Holliday’s Instagram followers agree with hew message and they share their own stories on the inconsistencies of sizes among popular brands. In 2013, Holliday started her #effyourbeautystandards hash tag that encourages women to celebrate their bodies no matter its shape. It has now more than 750,000 posts and expected to increase in the coming days. To encourage women to be more confident of their bodies this summer, Tess Holliday modeled a bikini for Simply Be’s new campaign. She hopes that it will inspire women to love their bodies, get into a bikini and show their wobbly bits.