The Importance Of Cynergy Physical Therapy For Athletes

12 Sep

If you are an athlete who is struggling with fitness and sports injury issues, we suggest that you read more about Cynergy Physical Therapy to be pain-free. Athletic training or sports medicine is not physical therapy since it deals with injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation that are specific to athletes. In competitive sports, specialists in sports medicine are always ready to provide emergency care and quality intervention to help in restoring athletic abilities.

For tennis players, years of participation in competitions mean one injury after another. In many instances, a tennis player that adds more topspin can lead to tendon and cartilage damage on the left wrist that will require months in a brace and physical therapy. Some left-handed players have learned how to use their right arm while in the process of recuperation.

Baseball players who have been hitting and punching thousands of baseballs can suffer from constant elbow pain and if left untreated, the old injury can return with a vengeance. It can lead to more serious injuries like strains on the rotator cuff and trapezius with mild scapular dyskinesia.

One injury that is common to baseball players is labral tear. The labral tear is the perfect example why athletes particularly baseball players must know about orthopedic practices that are highly beneficial to their training.

The shoulder has the most range in motion among the joints in the body. In order to allow for the range in motion, there must be a tradeoff of stability on the shoulder. The labrum is firmly attached to the socket and on the shoulder ligaments that connect the bones of the shoulder together. If the labral tear occurs, the ligaments on the shoulder will not function properly.

If you think that you have labral injury, the best step is to consult with an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports injuries so that it will be diagnosed with the proper treatment prescribed. Sometimes the condition may require surgery but there are also cases when physical therapy will be advised. However, it is important for the physical therapist to have an understanding of these injuries to be able to ascertain the best technique and prevent further issues.