The Futuristic Décor That Sets Galleria 10 Apart From The Boutique Hotels Of Sukhumvit

7 Oct

Most boutique hotels nowadays seek to adopt a more earthy tone to their room decors and strive for a minimalistic approach for their other service areas such as the pool/ fitness area/ spa area. However the décor associated with the rooms in Galleria 10, ensures that it is the best design hotel in Sukhumvit, with some décor that truly stands out from the rest. There are three aspects of the design in this hotel that are unique, and that includes the rooms, pool area, and the fitness area.

  • Rooms: The elements of décor that set this hotel apart from the rest, making it the best design hotel in Sukhumvit, are its futuristic retro designs. Reviews suggest that this makes guests feel like they have been transported worlds away and at the same time feel like they are at home. The rooms are all equipped with free high-speed Wi-Fi, large TVs and tea and coffee facilities. There are three types of rooms present in this hotel, ranging from the cheaper Deluxe Chill room to the Premier Deck room, with the Premier Hip room in between. Even the names of the rooms suggest that a futuristic theme has been imparted into its décor. Apart from these rooms there is also the set of club rooms, some of which have been endorsed by world-class celebrities such as Madonna and Elvis Presley.
  • Swimming pool: Galleria 10 is one of the few hotels that has a proper seating area next to its swimming pool. By doing this, it ensures that the guests are allowed to lounge in the serenity of the swimming pool, sitting with their family or friends, listening to the calming sounds of the waves lapping against the sides of the pool. The pool is open from 7am to 8pm, and in this time, the guests can take a look at the beautiful sunrises and sunsets that grace the Bangkok skylines.
  • Fitness center: Another addition to the hotel’s rooftop is the fitness center, which contains enough equipment to keep 10 people busy at a time. The fitness center is furnished with a floor to ceiling glass window, providing some beautiful views of the many buildings surrounding the Sois of Sukumvit.