The Fermentation Guru In Of Chiang Mai

15 Mar

Chiang Mai is home to Blackitch Artisan Kitchen which is owned by Phanuphon Bulsuwan. The 35 years old is also the chef and known for his nickname Black. He learned cooking by himself and what made him standout among other chefs in the area is that he created his own menu on a daily bases depending on the seasonal ingredients as well as the culture thus he is not tied to making dishes under a single cuisine. This is recommended for tourists looking for organic cuisines Chiang Mai because of the personal touch he offers when cooking.

The dining experience is unique overall. Firstly because he can only cater to a maximum of 16 guests at a time and they are dining at only two tables. Locally, he is considered as a guru when it comes to fermentation. He is commonly seen joining events and the most recent one is the Mad Face Food Week.

Black shared that he started his career as a chef because he grew up in a restaurant owned by his grandma. He discovered his love for cooking and being in the kitchen at only a young age. His parents were against his wishes to become a chef because they do not think that the career will provide him a stable job thus he was forced to take up civil engineering. He was able to graduate as an engineer and worked for a few years but in the end, he went back to his passion.

He talked about his love for the province of Chiang Mai even though he was not born there. He grew up in the area therefore he has no plans to expand his restaurant elsewhere but within the province alone. The place is close to nature and he wants to do more for the community.

Despite this, Black is not closing all doors as opportunities might arise from other parts of Thailand. There is no denying that tourism in the country prompted a demand for organic cuisines Chiang Mai therefore new trends might arise in the future. As for now, he will enjoy his restaurant and take delight in experimenting new recipes each day.