The Color Of Smoke Emitted By The Exhaust Pipe Can Be A Sign Of Trouble

1 Jun

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Exhaust pipe is the outlet for the emissions generated by the vehicle. Most people assume that only diesel vehicles emit smoke; all vehicles emit smoke with different colors and durations. The color of the smoke coming from the exhaust pipe will tell you whether you need to see a mechanic. Smoke varies in color from the usual white vapor to an occasional splutter of water when you start the vehicle on a cold morning.

The wispy white smoke that blows from the exhaust when you warm up the engine during a cold morning will disappear as soon as the engine is warm. You can check the engine’s temperature through a gauge on the dashboard. When the gauge shows a half-way mark it means that the engine is warm but if the vehicle continues to emit white smoke when you have driven for 10 to 15 minutes, you better have a mechanic look at your car.

Blue smoke is something that is emitted by a lawn mower but not a vehicle. If you notice blue smoke from the back of the car, it means that oil is leaking into the combustion chamber because it is being burned through the buggered piston rings. However, if the car is turbocharged, blue smoke means that the blower is stuffed.

If thick black smoke is being emitted by the exhaust pipe, the vehicle is consuming too much fuel. It is also possible that the air filter is clogged and requires replacement. It is also very likely that that there is an issue with the fuel injectors.

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