The Challenges Of Remodeling The Master Bathroom

27 Aug

For most homeowners, the reason for calling top quality bathroom renovation in Western Australia is to improve the aesthetics of the old bathroom. Even if the toilet flushes and the shower is working fine, the master bathroom still needs a makeover even if no one besides you uses it. You owe it to yourself to have a beautiful bathroom. It is just a small form of luxury to have a comfortable relaxing time inside a stylish bathroom.

As many homeowners quickly learn, remodeling a master bathroom is almost as expensive as a kitchen makeover. According to Remodeling magazine a mid-level bathroom remodel in Washington can cost as much as $17,000 for a typical 5 by 7 feet space. About 74% of the investment can be recouped during home resale. For an upscale bathroom remodel, the average cost is about $55,000 with 64% recovery.

The challenge in older homes is the space of the master bathroom because they have been built when soaking baths and double sinks have not yet been introduced in the market. However, no matter the cost of bathroom renovation, a homeowner needs a certain amount of self-indulgence. Several remodeling techniques can make a small bathroom look elegant while saving money in the process.

Cabinets and the sink can take most of the space visually. If the space is small, a pedestal sink and a cabinet that attaches to the wall can be used. A pedestal sink is attractive and can free up space but it lacks storage area. You will require a certain amount of creativity to find storage for the hair dryer and extra toilet paper rolls. There are plenty of ideas from Pinterest where small baskets and shelves can do the work.

A slim design for the cabinet and sink will not look too boxy particularly if lighter colors are chosen. One popular trend nowadays is vanity cabinets with dresser-like legs so that you can see visual space on the floor. This helps in making a small bathroom larger while adding an updated look.

Another place to find space is the walls. A large recessed medicine cabinet can be built into the wall rather than stick from out of it. Even corner can be put to good use with a small amount of creativity.