Thailand Follows Europe System Of Learning To Improve English

17 Aug

It was two years ago when Thailand decided to follow the CEFR or Common European Framework o f Reference when it comes to their system of teaching the English language. With the goal of increasing the previous standard of the English learning in the country, they have decided to follow the European standard which is recognized all over the world. They know that when they decided to follow the system, it would require strategic planning as well as hard work in order for them to reach their goals.

With the goal of raising the standard of the English teaching in the country, tutor companies such as Smart 1 Business have become a staple especially for professionals that are aiming to teach English as a second language in Thailand.

The CEFR designed for languages was launched by the Council of Europe, over two decades ago but the official launching was not until 2001 during the European Year of Languages. After its introduction, it has been known not just in Europe but in other parts of the globe.

Benchmarking is used by the framework in order to classify the language ability of a person when it comes to listening, speaking, reading and writing. There are three levels in CEFR, Level A is for basic users, Level B is for independent users and Level C is for proficient users.

The Ministry of Education in Thailand developed their own guideline which is their target goals for students learning the English language.A1 proficiency should be attained by Grade 6 studentsat the end of their school year, A2 proficiency for Grade 9 students while Grade 12 students should reach the target B1 proficiency.

They have considered the targets a realistic one considering that the country of Thailand is greatly dependent on the tourism industry. Many have commended that the target for both Grade 6 and Grade 9 can be easily reached but for the case of Grade 12, it is quite an ambitious target.

They believe that it does not matter how long before the students in Thailand is able to reach the set target as long as educators who have passed English tests through the help of tutoring companies such as Smart 1 Business recognize that CEFR is important in raising the level of the English language in the country.