Teal Ribbons On Penn Campuses

6 May

Various colors of ribbons are used to create awareness for different causes that include support for cancer victims, for children and mothers who suffer from physical abuse, for political protests and many other issues. Bulk orders for ribbons can be had through Ribbons.com.

In Pennsylvania, teal awareness ribbons attached to a sexual assault fact card and “No More” campaign materials were distributed to focus on supporting victims and to educate the public on the realities of sexual violence and assault. Everyone was invited to join events that took place on campuses. This includes people who have never had the experience of sexual violence or have never been impacted by someone they know.

Resources were available for victims of sexual assault and violence from centers and medicals, counseling and advocacy services. At the Health and Wellness Center at Penn State Abington, a discussion on “Sex and Excess: Surviving the Party” was led by internally recognized Elaine Pascua. She established the relationship of alcohol to sexual acts and warned people on the dangers of date rape drugs. This will bring home the message of respect and keeping safe for students who want to have fun.

The SHE student organization at Abington also hosted a panel discussion “Let’s Talk about Sexual Assault” where everyone was able to participate in the open dialogue about sexual assault. SHE strives to overcome the challenges of sexism, racism and class discrimination through activism.

The Penn State Beaver Climate and Diversity Committee also sponsored a series of on-campus programs as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The public was invited to attend a special screening of the award-winning documentary “Searching for Angela Shelton” that depicts the film maker’s drive through the United States in order to survey women with her name. Angela Shelton discovered that 70% of the women she had met were survivors of rape and childhood sexual assault including domestic violence.

In “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” participants were asked to walk one mile in high heeled shoes. This will help men understand and appreciate every woman’s experience so that gender relationships can be improved and the potential for violence reduced. When you see teal ribbons in Penn, remember that this is to show support for victims of sexual assault and violence.