Suspension Of A Realtor Offering Dartmouth Real Estate

22 Dec

A realtor selling Dartmouth real estate is in suspension for four months after being investigated by the Real Estate Commission in Nova Scotia.

Former Re/Max Nova in Halifax realtor, T. Chandler Haliburton bought a home with his wife and undisclosed a $16,000 credit they accepted over the buying price.

After audit signaled the transaction, the real estate commission began the investigation. It was a horrible mistake that some realtors do when buying a property.

Mr. Haliburton later declared he had accepted the credit from the seller and undisclosed it to the lender, states the commission giving a notice to all its industry members.

The allegation said Haliburton declared to hide the credit so he can avail financing from a loaner based on the buying price in the statement of sale and purchase, and not the actual buying price. It was some dirty tactics done by realtors selling Dartmouth real estate at that time to minimize paying mortgages from lenders.

Haliburton admits that this resulted to professional misbehavior, in contrast to the act of Real Estate Trading.

He was also accused to violating the real estate bylaws in Nova Scotia by intentionally creating deceptive evident records relating to real estate transactions and considering the bonus unsafe to the great interests of the public or the real estate image. It was such a violation that needed to be dealt accordingly.

Re/Max Nova Scotia and the commission affirmed the suspension of his license up till November 30. He will need to settle the legal costs of the commission, for $4,618 and additional $3,200 in fines. The good thing is having him endure payments for legal costs and fines, rather than being sent to jail.

Haliburton antecedently wrote a real estate column for The Chronicle Herald.

So let’s wait and see what happens to him in the next four months without having the capacity to sell real estate properties in the Nova Scotia area, particularly the Dartmouth real estate. This may take some time for Haliburton to recover, especially that he has a mortgage to pay. He will certainly have to find some other means of income.