Supplies And  Wedding Marquee Hire In Sydney

3 Jun

If you are going to require wedding marquee hire in Sydney, you need to rent related supplies and equipment and not just the tent alone. Without the right equipment and accessories, your marquee would not serve its full purpose, which is to make the venue as spectacular and memorable as possible. Some of the typical marquee equipment for weddings includes the following:

Marquee lighting

The marquee lighting is an important part of the tent especially during special occasions such as weddings. It provides a dreamy, mystical ambiance to the occasion especially if you use soft lightings. There are certain lights that can add elegance and beauty to the entire presentation. You can choose among LED lights, decorative lightings, dancing lights, chandeliers, floor up lighters and other variations of lights to accessorize a marquee. There are waterproof lights and switches that are suitable during wet or winter seasons.

Marquee lining

Marquees can be designed to appear magical during weddings. In order to achieve a fairy tale like ambiance, add linings on the marquee. There are marquee lining that are pleated making the event even more romantic and dreamy. Linings and drapes can be used on walls, ceilings, partitions and marquee windows. These linings are perfect for wedding marquee hire in Sydney. Ask your wedding designer for advice or you can check the internet for marquee lining concepts.Choose a marquee drapes and linings that are related to the wedding colour.

Marquee flooring

Most people include flooring when they order forwedding marquee hire in Sydney. Weddings normally involve dances especially during the reception part. To prevent from having mud or dirt on the newly wed’s clothing and also of their guests. Marquee flooring can also be utilized as paths, walkways, dance floor or stage flooring. There are marquee flooringsthat are wooden while there are those that are made of carpets. You can also rent sub-floors that serve as ground protection to cover grassy or muddy areas. Sub floors are guaranteed slip free since there are used with bars for pedestrian walkways and catering floors.