“Street Food” Restaurant In Bangkok Wins Michelin Star

3 Feb

There are many choices when it comes to hotels in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. Whether you are a business or leisure traveller, Sathorn Hotel in Bangkok will guarantee a very memorable and pleasurable experience. The Sathorn area is a fantastic mix of high-end hotel restaurants and 5-star dining options. Tiny roadside eateries will allow you a distinct Thai experience.

Jay Fai, a “street food” restaurant owner is extremely happy because she earned a Michelin Star last month. Because of the award, the eatery gained a place in the connoisseur’s map of the world. Jay Fai’s restaurant was the only street food joint that gained international fame because of the award. There was a long list of international chefs who were expecting at least 1 or 2 stars but surprisingly Jay Fai got the attention of international media.

Jay Fai’s restaurant appeared in a Germany newspaper. People in that country were not interested in gastronomy like France or Italy. Gaining international attention is a big boost to the restaurant as well as the domestic tourism industry. However, it seems that Jay Fai wants to return the Michelin Star because she is being hounded by the taxman.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) hopes that the 144 million baht set aside as budget to attract global certification from Michelin Guide to rate establishments from 2017 to 2021 will yield the expected benefits. City hall previously had a tough stance against street food while TAT is trying to promote Bangkok as a gastronomy destination.

In Bangkok, street food means convenient, clean, delicious and affordable meal. TAT governor has told media in November that they will promote street food as well as gastronomy tourism in Bangkok to attract more tourists. However, city hall is still evicting street food vendors without new relocation plans for the small businesses.

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