Six Tips To Choose An Accountant For Your Business

8 Aug

Hiring professional accountants helps businesses to deal with the various paperwork and legal formalities required to incorporate the business easily. Accountants also helps businesses to keep a check on the costs, prepare accounts and other financial documents required by the law, conduct auditing of the accounts and to file taxes.

Businesses in Thailand can hire a reputed and professional accounting company in Bangkok, to take care of all their accounting and taxation requirements. However, it is essential to choose a certified and professional accountant who matches your requirements to ensure a smooth relationship. Here are some tips that will help you to search for a professional accountant

  • Ask references from attorneys, bankers and other business associates. This is the best source to find information about professional accounting company in Bangkok to suit your requirements. Since the lawyers and bankers interact with various accountants, they will be able to suggest a suitable accountant to suit your requirements.
  • Take a stock of your requirements. Determine the services you need to outsource to the accountant. Determine your budget and the responsibilities of the accountant. This will help you to shortlist the suitable accounting company that matches all your criterion.
  • Shortlist at least five accountants and request for an initial consultation. Plan at least two meetings with each accountant, this helps to understand the working environment, quality of services, personality of the accountant and the charges of the accountant. The selected accountant should be compatible with your style of working.
  • Asking for fees quotations is very important before you hire an accountant. Most of the accounting firms charge fee by hour, some of the accounting companies also work on monthly or annual fees. Hire an accounting company in Bangkok that understands your requirements and charges competitive fees. Do not base your decision on the fee alone, the experience and professionalism of the accountant is also equally important. Use fees as one of the factors to base your decision.
  • Ask for references of previous clients. Most of the reputed accounting company in Bangkok provide details of existing and past clients. Speak to these clients and know the feedback.
  • Select an accounting company in Bangkok, which is professional and offers services that matches your requirements. Create an agreement or the engagement letter with all the necessary terms and conditions of the agreement. Go through the fine print of the agreement diligently to avoid future complications.