Significant Growth Of Tourism Expected From Amazing Thailand Campaign

3 Dec

Some of the reasons why tourists visit a certain destination are culture, nature and gastronomy. Fortunately, Thailand has the three tourist requirements because of the presence of ancient Buddhist temples, best Bangkok restaurants and endless span of amazing beaches. One of the promotional strategies that tourism organizations use today is to combine tourism and gastronomy.

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has launched Amazing Thailand Tourism Year 2018 to celebrate the importance of tourism and to be able to attract more visitors in the coming years through a beautiful procession that was held in Bangkok. During the opening of the event, the campaign on sustainable and quality tourism in sync with Sufficient Economy Philosophy was highlighted.

Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, H.E. General TanasakPatimapragorn has highlighted the significant growth of tourism in Thailand for the past 3 years. He has urged all residents to be more gracious to travellers who are visiting the country. He also pointed to the fact that about 60% to 70% of tourists that have visited Thailand return to experience a different kind of adventure.

Thailand authorities are very confident that the new tourism campaign Amazing Thailand will increase the average length of stay of visitors in the country. He hopes that the campaign will sustain Thailand’s position as a preferred country of destination. The campaign focuses on several areas that will be interesting to travellers like sports, gastronomy, maritime, wedding and honeymoons, medical and wellness, community-based tourism, leisure and entertainment, green tourism, nightlife, MICE, trade fairs, B2B marketing activities and logistics.

In addition to the tourism campaign, the concepts of New Shades in Thailand will be promoted actively across the country in the coming years. The concept will encourage tourists to have a fresh take on existing and new destinations where they can enjoy local experiences, culture, heritage and the country’s beauty.

As part of the campaign for gastronomy tourism, best Bangkok restaurants are committed to developing outstanding food that will attract the attention of visitors. Some of the most talked about restaurants in Bangkok serve local cuisine and sophisticated foods that are influenced by international dishes from Mexico and Latin America.