SFR HomeUnion Investment Properties Now Available At Columbus, Ohio

22 May

HomeUnion, a renowned online management firm serving investments for real estate has recently announced that in addition to its wide array of available markets worldwide, it’s bringing Columbus, Ohio up to its team of market that will offer their HomeUnion Investment Properties for Single-Family Rental, otherwise known as SFR.

Those who would want to put their hard-earned money on investment would have plenty of choices with SFR HomeUnion Investment Properties that were already pre-vetted. You could have a quick peek at them in the company’s official website.

You could also have a take a look at them by looking for Location Manager for Investments in Columbus, Janet Phillips-Plunkett – a veteran at the category of investments for real estate properties hired by the company recently for the job.
HomeUnion sets an incredibly high bar of standards which Columbus has passed with flying colors. The factors that were enlisted with the criteria of choosing the market were the following:

• Population Growth
• Economy of the Place
• Employment status/rate
• History of Income Trends
• Vacant properties
• Prices of homes

The location manager was also intricately chosen. The task was to be offered to someone who have a professional prowess within investment on real estates and is incredibly knowledgeable with the chosen market, in this case, Columbus Ohio.

Janet Phillips-Plunkett was more than enough to fill the role at Columbus and will surely be able to give you in-depth knowledge about the place and the possibilities that awaits you with your investment.

The CEO Of HomeUnion also said that their SFR HomeUnion Investment Properties have been reeling in some serious attention and that people are now more inclined in doing investments that will earn them possible huge returns in the future. He also added that Columbus has experienced a drastic increase in its economy that packed all the good reasons for them to get it to their list of rental markets.

Other markets within the list of HomeUnion are Houston, Burmingham, Austin, Cleveland, Chicago, Dallas, Indianapolis, San Antonio, Nashville and Minneapolis. With their SFR HomeUnion Investment Properties, you could engage with an investment remotely which only means that managing the resources afterwards will be handed by the company.