Security Companies On A Comfortable Buying Spree

30 Jun

It is undoubtedly evident that there is an ever increasing market for the security and alarms market. One company that has proven that the market for security systems will continue for as long as people exist is the ADT Alarm Systems. The company has been around for over 140 years now. The continued presence of ADT Alarm Systems in the industry has brought a sense of urging for other companies to open and expand their territory.

Companies expanding

In Nashville, Tennessee, one prominent security systems player in the area is the ADS Security. It has recently announced that it will expand its market reach to the Southeast part of the nation. It has altogether acquired about 3,200 customer accounts from the Professional Alarms. According to the president and CEO of the company, 70 percent of the accounts acquired were residential.

The president of the company told the Security Systems News that the company has a good mix of market. The acquisition of the Professional Alarms by ADS Security adds about $70,000 in RMR to the company. The amount brings the total value of the company to about $2.5 million.

On a buying spree

With the ADS headquartered in Tennessee, it has increased its presence in seven different states. The company has recently been in a buying spree. It just acquired five security companies in South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama last year. The CEO said in an interview that the company has fully planned every acquisition move. They are at a very steady pace and their main focus is in dominating the Southeast states. They will continue to branch out and acquire more companies until they fill in all the gaps. Their ultimate goal is to be a local company but with the strength of a very big company.

The priorities

It is one of the top priorities of the company to retain the as many employees of the acquired company. The CEO further added that they enforced this ruling when they acquired Professional Alarms. They even aim at keeping within the team the owners and creators of the acquired company.