Saving In Time For The Holiday

8 Sep

When you think about the upcoming festive season, you also think about the money you need in order to buy everyone’s presents. You also have to check out online shops such as to catch up with the latest holiday trends for you to have something new to wear during your company Christmas party. Vanessa Stoykov, a financial expert, shared a number of tips in order to save money before the Christmas season hits.

The first thing to do, according to Stoykov, is to plan beforehand. Make sure to start now and not one month away from Christmas. Start by looking at the money you have and will earn by the time Christmas comes in. To save from your electricity bill, inquire from the power company about the amount you will be able to save if you use direct debit rather than just paying right away. It does not matter if you are saving a small or big amount of money because at the end of the day it will still help you get the money you will need for the holiday spending.

You might have things you don’t need any more that are still good as new or even unused ones you just kept in your closet. Don’t let it gather dust but rather use the power of the internet to sell these online. Good thing there is now the new Facebook Marketplace in order to reach people who are near you that might need what you don’t want anymore. Stoykov said that this is the best way to earn money while de-cluttering.

It may be the age of Afterpay but you can still take advantage of the lay by system. This way you will be able to get the lowest price and later on you just have to pay the difference. For people who are fond of online shopping such as at, adding items to cart will prompt the online company to send you a voucher code if they tracked that you haven’t carted out the items you like yet. This is their way of encouraging you to continue your purchase while this is a way for you to save 10 per cent or sometimes even more.