Samui Growing Due To Chinese Travelers

20 Feb

A surprising amount of people are now enjoying their time in a beachfront pool villa in Samui, Thailand, at least, based on what C9 Hotelworks say.

According to data acquired by C9 Hotelworks, a Phuket based consultancy that operates across the Asia Pacific, airport arrivals in Koh Samui increased, exceeding 1.2 million last year, from a 7% year-on year growth to a 22% in 2016, followed by a marked increase in market-wide occupancy; from 68% up to 72% last year.

C9 attributes this to the international expansion of Bangkok Airways’ and the sudden rise of a secondary entry point in Surat Thani. These two, important factors are the key to the growth noticed in Koh Samui, surprising led by China.

A lot of the growth’s momentum is pointed out to be because of the expansion of Bangkok airways, which made a shift in priority; it is now focused on Northern Asia, instead of the Southeast. The airline is expected to increase flights from the area of Samui to Chinese locations, such as Chengdu and adding new destinations such as Chongqing in the future, on top of increasing the frequency of flights to those locations.

The added traffic is supported by the secondary route into the region in Surat Thani. Surat Thani Airport, located not far from Soh Kamui has experienced a recent increase in air traffic, at a whopping 30%, with further increases being seen in the future. The passengers coming into Surat Thani from mainland China was stated to have made up more than two-thirds, clocking in at 71%, of the provincial airport’s overseas arrivals.

C9 has stated that the once seasonal destination Kamu is now being filled up all year long by travellers from mainland China. The influx is so drastic, that, when compared to the year before, the arrival numbers in the area in the first 9 months of last year, the difference is a massive 61 percent.

Further growth in the future is liable to bring in a broader demographic of travellers, all who seek to enjoy a beachfront pool villa in Samui, and induce growth in the construction of the local market.