Roper Rhodes Plans Revamp For Brasmill Lane Factory

2 May

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Roper Rhodes, a UK-based international bathroom manufacturer have made its name with quality, which they believe should also apply to their building spaces. To that end, they have proposed a revamp for their River Avon warehouse, with a proposal having been already issued to the appropriate authorities for evaluation. The Bath and North East Somerset Council is evaluating the plan, submitted on the 24th of March, and has made the proposal available for public comment.

The new plan follows the company’s phasing out of its warehouses in Bath, which they then relocated to Portbury and Bristol. This new proposal, if approved, will result in the warehouse buildings located at the Trading Estate being opened for new tenants to move into it.

The block, a flat-roofed two-story building constructed sometime in the 1970s, has been studied by Aaron Evans Architects for the Roper Rhodes company. The statement released by the architect’s state that the buildings are not only thermally inefficient, but also outdated and unattractive. The statement adds that Roper Rhodes aims to revamp the buildings to match the standard set by the company’s image as both an international company, and a local employer.

The design and access statement released goes into further detail regarding the aim for the revamp, but they have stated that, beyond merely ensuring the warehouse fits standards, they also seek to make the building and, by extension, the surrounding area project an appealing aura for visitors and workers alike, which they hope will attract small-scale businesses and employers to move into the region, infusing the local area and the industries that call it home, helping out local businesses such as Richards Plumbing Services.

The location of the block, not far from the River Avon, and placed to have convenient access to the Bath city center means that the area owned by Roper Rhodes is a very desirable location.

The application already has a target decision date, June 26.