Roof Replacement In Sydney As More Storms Coming

10 Sep

The February hail storms across Wollongong and Sydney had triggered the rise of insurance claims for damages to about $185-million. Affected homes were concerned once again especially that a heavy rain forecast was expected to hit over that weekend. A roof replacement in Sydney was expected to take place.

Two weeks before, series of intense thunderstorms triggered the hail and damaged the east coast of New South Wales.

Residents in Sydney’s northwest Hills district made around 48,000 claims for their damaged homes and cars. The huge hail stones caused gaping holes in smashed windows and roofs.

According to insurance council Campbell Fuller, the figures claimed by residents rose six times to $185-million from $30-million claimed just few days after the storm hit hard. He said, “The figures were expected to continually rise as more insurance holders were reaching their insurers to lodge claims.”

By March, SES was on high alert for a stormy weekend forecast for those living across Sydney. They had more concerns that affected properties, specifically residents with leaking roofs can trigger more damages from heavy rain. An expected roof replacement in Sydney was required for protection against more storms.

Kellyville was one of the seriously hit suburb in NSW. According to Ms. NidaNekbatani of Kellyville, “The tiles on their roof were broken, rainwater came out from the air-conditioner, and our carpet was totally wet. Currently, we are in a bad situation.

Her two-storey home had buckets and towels all over collecting leaking rainwater. However, there was nothing to do with the filthy smell of the soaked carpet.

For JithBala and his wife Kiraja, just two houses away from Ms. Nekbatani, they said they were forced to change the tiles on their rooftop.

“We have moved on and replaced our tiles. It’s really difficult to buy tiles as these are expensive, with the price doubled or tripled at that moment. They had to individually remove and replace it back, that’s why they needed roof replacement in Sydney,” he said.

The previous month’s inundation also ruined their books, clothes and luxury car.

“We tried to protect most of our stuff by adding plastic covers, but there were areas we never expected the water to come,” said Mr. Bala.

“It’s all unplanned expenses for a family to have … not everyone has the extra money to spend for this situation. It’s an unexpected national disaster … so no one is expecting it to happen,” he said.