Reasons Why Towels Are Perfect Promotional Merchandise

3 Aug

Who does not have a towel? Practically, everyone on this planet uses at least one towel every time they take a bath and for other purposes. It may sound trivial and you may not give it much of a consideration when you use towels but they are a basic necessity which is why they are perfect as promotional merchandise. Towels are easy to find and they can be easily ordered online from various sources. These items are also easy to customize so they are not difficult to order and give away. Aside from promoting your brand, towels can also be used for the following purposes.

Personal use

One thing about towels is that, they do not just stay in your bathroom hidden before potential customers. Towels can be taken to swimming pools, public bath, to the gym or fitness center, to the beach and other public areas where you brand can be exposed. Choose high quality towels such as those made of cotton for better absorbency and comfort. Giving away high quality promotional merchandise also ensures that its users will use it in public instead of having it as a washcloth at home due to its poor quality.

Gift item or token

Towels are also excellent gift items. Choose high quality towels and have them embroidered with your brand, tag line or logo and give them as a gift to your prospects during special occasions such as business or corporate anniversaries, opening of a new branch or launching of a new product. For better branding, personalize the towel by printing not just your brand name but the name of your target recipient.

Excellent promotional item

Another idea use of towel is for marketing brands. There are different types and sizes of towels. If you want to give out more towels, order face towels or small beach body towels but if you target a specific or limited number of recipients to hand out promotional merchandise, order high quality towels to elicit stronger impact among your targets. Order in bulk to lower your overall marketing experience.