Rat Problems In Recycling Yard Of Common Street

24 Sep

Residents of Common Street are recently complaining about the rat infestation they are suffering because of the large recycling facility located in the area. According to one of the residents, Kevin Peterson, Sydney pest control might have to take action soon but for the meantime his cat is helping him catch the rats that are living inside his home.

Mr. Peterson and Noeline, his wife, said that the rat problem originated from the recycling yard close to their home and they have been suffering from the infestation for two months already.

Southern State West Recycling is the operator of the facility ad they have already been ordered by EPA to take compliance action.

The Authority is keeping an eye on the waste that are being delivered to the site to make sure that the 5000 tonne limitation for every delivery is being followed. Mr. Peterson admitted that they are no longer delivering waste to the facility on the last 12 months but they are now facing a new complication.

He said that rats have been infesting their property including inside the house, the back shed and the ceiling. Their bedroom now has two holes while there is one found in the kitchen area. He covered the holes with plasters after finding out that their clothes are eaten as well as his medications located in a shelf in the kitchen. Their kitchen benches have evidences of rat droppings as well which led them to believe that they are coming from the facility.

Chris Eveston, the operations manager of the facility, did not believe the claim. He said that there are no rats present in the recycling yard and they followed their license conditions accordingly.

The EPA took action regarding the previous complaints and ordered the license of the facility to be amended to include conditions regarding pest and vermin control as well as weeds.

The company hired Sydney pest control in April of this year to treat the facility and they have been conducting pest control in the site every three months. Mr. Peterson, on the other hand, is not convinced and is hoping for the stockpile to be cleared away.