Plumbers And Electricians Discovered As Australia’s Most Well-Paid Tradies

1 Dec

Tradies are an important part of Australia’s economy and daily life; after all, it’s hard to live normally without power or plumbing, which is why people need a tradesman, like a electrician in Wynnum or a plumber in Sydney. So, it’s only natural that some people might be wondering how much a tradesman earn.

According to data released by, a job quote website operating in Australia, the most well paid tradesmen are plumbers, closely followed by electricians. The figure released by the site show that plumbers charge up to $85.57/hour, whilst sparkies charge about $77.59/hour for their services. These figures show a notable increase from last year’s figures, when plumbers were charging $78.40/hour on average, whilst electricians charged $74.61/hour.

Chief Customer Officer Stuart of hipages, Australia’s #1 site for hiring tradies, offered some advice, saying that the best way to get a good deal on any renovation or repair was to look around and have multiple options. He says that the smartest thing to do is source quotes from multiple tradies, as prices vary heavily from one tradie to another. He points out hipages’ practice of giving their customers three competitive quotes whenever possible in order to ensure they get the best prices for the work they need done.

He adds that homeowners need to remember that getting the most out of any deal is to get the most quality, which for tradies means hiring a professionally qualified tradie.

Across all of the tradesman industries, the average tradie earns about $61.91/hour, up from last year’s $60.88. From 2016, hourly rates have risen by 4% with Queensland and NSW having the highest jump at 9%, so expect that electrician in Wynnum to charge a bit more compared to last year.

In terms of location, plumbers in Victoria charge the most out of any tradie in the country, with an hourly rate of $91.21, which is a notable 21% increase from last year’s figure.

The highest increases following Victorian plumbers are as follows:

  • NSW plumbers: 16% increase to $85.98/hour;
  • South Australian builders: 29% increase to $77.76/hour;
  • South Australian sparkies: 26% increase to $79.13/hour;
  • Perth plasterers: 20% at $59.29/hour;
  • Adelaide painters: 18% at $47.68/hour;