Plastic Waste Recycled To Manufacture Office Furniture

13 Apr

You might think that your quality reception furniture is the best but you might think twice when you hear of this new company that make use of plastic waste in order to manufacture office furniture. The company is called Plastic Whale and they recognize that plastic waste is currently one of the biggest problems in the environment. It is plaguing not just the land but the ocean as well as waterways. The company is based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands and they have been using the practice for the last few years.

They are cleaning the canals within the city by removing all plastic trash using a net. The plastic wastes were then recycled to make boats. These boats are then used to gather more wastes. Only recently did they realize that they will be able to make more than just boats from the plastic wastes and that is office furniture.

According to Plastic Whale, they are the very first company in the world that fishes plastic. Since the first clean up drive in 2011, over 11,000 individuals have already volunteered to gather plastic wastes from the canals all over Amsterdam.

Since then, they were able to gather more than 100,000 units of plastic bottles and over 2,000 bags filled with various plastic wastes. These wastes were recycled to create 10 boats that are regularly roaming the canals to fish out more plastic using nets.

Plastic Whale launched their new project called Circular Furniture in collaboration with Vepa, a furniture maker company, and Lama, a design studio. The goal is to create high quality office furniture such as desks, chairs, boardroom table, walls panels and lamps.

The boardroom table is 4 meters in length and 1.4 meters in width. It is made of recycled PET, metal plating and birch ply. The table looks like a surfacing whale while the office chair is similar to a whale’s tail. The chairs are made of recycled PET, wastes from the factory of Vepa and oak ply. The company is also hoping to launch more such as quality reception furniture but they are happy to be able to save the environment with the process they are using.