Painters And Decorators Southampton – How Wallpaper Became A Work Of Art Through Digital Printing

10 Sep

No matter what home improvements you need, there will always be painters and decorators Southampton who can help. They can work in tandem with other tradesmen to get a remodeling job completed to the highest standards. From hanging wallpapers to painting and decorating a home, there are highly skilled painters and decorators Southampton that take pride in their work.

Donia and Tony Sprenger’s idea was to have nearly every room done in wallpaper as their home was being built in 2013. Through the magic of wallpaper, the Sprenger’s managed to have holographic lizards dance along the walls of their bathroom with the media room’s walls looking as if they were covered with rivets. Unusual wallpaper was also used to jazz up the “his-and-hers” walk-in closets with his done in metallic pewter crocodile skin wall covering and hers in textured lavender snakeskin wallpaper.

The wallpaper choices were unique because it was not what everybody wanted for their rooms. Most homeowners today prefer the traditional mass produced chintz-patterned wallpaper but with the arrival of digital printing techniques, wall covering can be made of peacock feathers embedded with beads and embellished with embroidery and 3D images.

Wallpaper is becoming hip. Previously, paint was sponged on walls to create texture but today sponging is out because textured wall coverings are made from woven grasses and embedded glass beads. Digital printing techniques have allowed paintings to be made into wallpaper designs. Wallpaper which is sold in rolls is seamlessly fit together so as to create a wider design. Interior designer Jennifer Monachino Seaman considers it a work of art with all those brush strokes and layers of paint added to the design.

In the past, wallpaper earned a bad reputation because painters and decorators had a difficult time in peeling it off when it was time for a refresh. New generation wallpaper has solved the issue with new glues that make removal easier.

Wallpaper made from hand dyed paint strips that are glued and embroidered over bamboo can cost about $200 retail but in order to stick to the decorating budget, pricey wallpaper can be reserved for the foyer, powder room and the dining room ceiling for an eye-catching effect.