Paint Parties Now A Thing In Art Lounge In Jackson

11 Sep

A new business is launching in Jackson which will highlight art and creativity. The business is located at 120 E. Cortland Street. The business is different because art will not be applied on skin but rather on ceramics and canvas.

Trap Ink used to be located at the downtown area but they decided to relocate on Lansing Avenue. A recent business venture which is known as Pop Up and Paint is going to be open for the general public on the morning of September 15.

According to Sydney Davis, the owner of the business, aside from holding paint parties, the place is just basically a lounge. It is where anyone can have a cup of coffee or tea and paint anytime they want to. They can visit and paint with their friends and use it as a chance to hang out or they can do something else that will bring out their creativity.

Davis was able to take part in a paint party at the beginning of this year. She described the experience to be a relaxing one and at the same time empowering. After which, she decided that she wanted to offer the same in the downtown area of Jackson. The paint parties will be available for various events such as corporate team activities, birthday parties, non-profit fundraising events, retirements and bachelorette parties.

Davis is known as Consumer Energy’s system design specialist and she was able to work with advisors which gave her an insight on the current market of Jackson. She was able to calculate the interest level of the locals with such business offering. She has parties coming up for the month of September and many of them are already booked.

She added that there are now cat cafes wherein one can enjoy coffee while petting cats therefore she also decided to combine coffee and painting.

There are two different paints available, acrylic and oil. Painting on a ceramic may cost between $5 and $12 and options include picture frames, flower pots and piggy banks. Canvases, on the other hand, cost from $8 to $12. Paint parties for events such as corporate team activities are charged with $35.