Organic Skincare Line Missing Cofounder Found Dead

24 Apr

Pasadena, Ca – April 22, 2015 – The missing cofounder of organic skin care line Z Skin Cosmetics has been found dead by her son. In a press release that was distributed today, the lifeless body of the 57-year old Karen Zamo was found lying on the hallway floor by his son, 25-year old Ryan Zamo, who cofounded Z Skin Cosmetics with her, after he arrived home from a business trip. The cause of death is still unknown and investigations are still being conducted as to how Ms. Zamo had died.

Ms. Zamo was reportedly missing before her body was found. In fact, according to a press release, she was admitted to a local hospital last weekend after she had collapsed. She was released on Wednesday even if it was against her doctor’s wishes. After she was released from the hospital, no one had heard from her. Her friends and her family reported her as missing because they grew worried and frantic of her situation.

Unfortunately, their worry was with cause because the 57-year old mother of 3 was found dead. This is truly an unfortunate time for their family. Not only that, Z Skin Cosmetics, the company she helped build has been experiencing a growing success because of their new product Banish; Rosacea. In fact, CEO Ryan Zamo is even under intense pressure from many top companies offering multimillion deals to purchase their product.

Now, Z Skin Cosmetics have lost a valuable asset and the Zamo family, a mother-figure.

But the manner of her death is not the only issue that is uncertain. The press release also did not contain a specific date on which Ms. Zamo’s body was found. It had only stated that Ms. Zamo was admitted to a hospital last weekend which can be assumed as Saturday and was discharged the following Wednesday.

But Ryan Zamo would appear to have announced the death of his mother on Saturday in contrast to the press release which said after she was discharged the following Wednesday. Ryan announced her death via Facebook and expressed his sorrow as well as his gratitude for his mother.

The media has been reaching out to Ryan Zamo for clarifications and he is yet to respond.