Okanagan Welcomes New Indian Restaurant

23 Jan

The new Indian restaurant which will open for Okanagan is called Delhi Cuisine & Bar. The restaurant will bring Indian’s most authentic and traditional recipes to those who are living in downtown Kelowna. The main chef of Delhi Cuisine & Bar is Govind Siwach who also happens to be a partner in the said venture. India is his homeland and it is there that he took up cooking classes in school. After graduating, he also worked in India as a chef for four years.

According to an interview with Siwach, being a chef is his childhood passion and dream. He was also able to work as a chef in Edmonton for three years. It was not until a friend of his opened his own restaurant with three different branch locations in B.C. that Siwach decided to accept the new position.

Siwach also shared that since he knows already the cuisine he is going to serve and the quality of the dishes that he is going to make that made it easier to decide that downtown Kelowna deserve to have taste of other food options.

After the position at the 271 Bernard Avenue was offered to Siwach, he knew then that it was what he wanted to do. Before accepting the position though, he devoted a lot of time to research and was happy to share that he is excited to start serving customers with fine dining experience from a bar and restaurant establishment. Not to mention that the area of the restaurant is in the lakeside. Siwach exclaimed that it was the perfect match for him.

Though he does not deny the fact that there are other restaurants in the city that are offering Indian cuisine, Siwach added that customers should try their food and service because it will be worth it. He shared how the menu was catered to stand out by being unique from other restaurants. Customers should expect to find more selections aside from the usual samosas and butter chicken available. Siwach will be cooking along with two other chefs that are also from India.