Off-Duty BA Cabin Crew Involved In Fatal Fire Of One Exclusive Hotel In Bangkok

18 Aug

British Airways cabin crew were off-duty at the time of a fatal late-night fire. The incident was quite shocking as it happened in one exclusive hotel in Bangkok where the cabin crew wanted to set a mood using candles. It then triggered a flaming hell in one hotel bedroom.

One hotel staff died in that incident from smoke inhalation, after trying to rescue the steward from his flaming room in the middle of the night. Another stewardess, who informed the alarm, was also saved from the flames.

The deadly flames happened when off-duty BA cabin crew had a stopover in Thailand in the luxury four-star Amari Atrium Hotel. One of the male crew member supposedly lighted one or more candles to set a mood in his room. It’s a risky attempt in an exclusive hotel in Bangkok that can ever happen.

The fire happened in the middle of the night and wasn’t clear enough if it followed an in-room party, which had been customary for BA stopovers. The names of the two BA staff remain undisclosed.

One BA cabin crew member said: “Few crew members were using candles to set a mood, which then caught fire, resulting to the death of one hotel staff. If proven guilty, they can be apprehended for homicide.’

An airline source said: ‘Hotel workers came in for help. However, they suffered smoke inhalation and were brought to the nearest hospital. Unfortunately, a hotel staff died due to the blazing fire.’

An investigation is now ongoing as to the real reason of the fire. BA places its utmost importance towards the safety of its customers and employees.’ The manager of the exclusive hotel in Bangkok also said police are now investigating the incident and that they can’t make further comments for now.

The news came when British Airways yesterday reduced ticket prices by up to £1,600 to win back interested travellers after a damaging strike of 12,000 cabin crew members.

BA Chief executive Willi Walsh said: ‘We acknowledge that some may be concerned about the possibility of future interruptions, but we intend to keep our flag carrier flying even amidst our long-haul operation in the coming months.’

Meanwhile, BA cabin crew take their final day of strike with more walkouts jeopardizing the summer holidays unless a resolution is attainedfrom their obstructed disputes.