Noise Pollution In Cities And How They Affect Quality Of Life

29 Jan

It is very likely that you belong to the group of individuals asking how to reduce train horn noise and the deep rumble of trains as they travel the tracks. The noise of train horns has become a big problem for urban dwellers because their homes were not built with the technology that can eliminate noise from the outdoors.

For example, if you life in a city like New York or Chicago, you are well acquainted with noise that include train horns, hollering sirens and drivers who think they are in a racing track. Noise pollution like air pollution has a severe effect of the quality of life of people; however, noise pollution is not distributed equally.

According to the results of a study made by researchers from the University of California is Berkeley, racially segregated cities are louder for the residents. The most common sources of noise are transportation, construction, power generation and air conditioning.

Some of the results of the study were predictable because cities are actually louder than suburbs. On the other hand, communities in urban areas that have lower socio-economic status, lower education and lower income levels are more vulnerable to daytime and nighttime noise pollution.

Sound levels also increase in urban areas with high income neighborhoods but the sources of noise are linked to beneficial infrastructures like public transport. There are certain services associated to noise that people like. The racial makeup of cities is consistently co-related to noise levels. Cities like Detroit and Milwaukee that are more racially segregated experience higher noise levels across the board.

Noise pollution has many health implications that can affect the wellbeing of communities. Long term exposure to the noises of traffic is linked to high blood pressure and heart attacks. Noise exposure disturbs sleep, cognitive functions and work performance.

If you among those asking how to reduce train horn noise, the best answer is technology. A great difference in the levels of noise can be experienced from soundproofed windows. A double glazed window will allow you to sleep soundly without disturbance. You can drink your early morning coffee without the sounds of blaring train horns.