New Aussie App Will Get TradiesTo Customers: In 17 Minutes Or Less

21 Dec

A new Australian app is set to get rid of the tired homeowner trouble of unreliable tradies, as it promises to bring tradies to homeowners in under 17 minutes.

JAK is the new trade services application that could make unreliable tradies, widely considering by many to be an aggravating risk of homeownership, a thing of the past. The app promises to bring tradies to their customers in under 17 minutes, as the app is designed to connect tradies to people and vice versa post haste, meaning that those plasterers in Sydney will be there to work ASAP.

Trevor Pugh, one of the co-founders of JAK, stated that the app’s only takes 17 minutes between booking a service and the tradesman being informed and getting to the customer, which is, notably, the same amount of time it takes an ambulance in Victoria to arrive.

He says that, as of the current scenario, it’s preposterous how people book jobs with tradies, only for them to show up hours after their appointed time, if they show up at all. Pugh says that it shouldn’t be like that, and that’s why he and his partner came up with JAK.

The app functions by connecting any customer to a tradie, who then receives a push notification which, when activated, commences open communication with the customer. The customer can then send details of the job, converse with the tradies, all whilst a timer says that the tradie will be there in 15 minutes. The overall goal of the app is to save time, not just for the customers, but also for the plasterers in Sydney, or the sparkies in Melbourne; it is aimed to be convenient for everyone involved.

Pugh says that the app makes the whole ‘finding a tradie’ business more streamlined and efficient, as people could send details to the tradies so everyone knew what they would be dealing with.  He adds that all tradies on the app’s database are properly qualified: complete with proper registration, qualification and police background checks.

JAK was started in Perth, but is now expanding operations into Melbourne and Sydney, with the next target being Brisbane.