Mummified Body Found At Sydney Home Has Now Identified

30 Aug

For anyone working at a commercial cleaning services in Sydney, it’s expected to come across certain jobs that are dirtier and nastier than most. However, unpleasant it might be, it’s still part of the job. What isn’t part of the job, however, is discovering a mummified corpse while cleaning.

But that’s exactly what happened to several workers for a commercial cleaning services in Sydney who were working at a Greenwich property, owned by Bruce Roberts, who was described by the neighbours as someone’s who’s quiet, eclectic and a ‘hoarder’. Roberts died of natural causes back in July of 2017, and it took a year for commercial cleaners to be rented to deal with the mess at his home.

It was then that the mummified body, now identified by the local police as Shane John Snell man, and his body has been stuck inside the Greenwich property for at least a decade now. The local authorities are treating the circumstances surrounding hid death as suspicious. According to a statement from the New South Wales police, it is currently unknown how and when Snell man died.

The remains were found in such a degenerated state that the gender and age of the body required post-mortem examination in order to be ascertained.

Regarding Snellman, News Corp Australia reported that he has been estranged from his family for several years now, and that no missing persons’ report was ever filed for him. The full police investigation that opened thanks to the discovery also revealed that Snellman, in his 30’s, had links to petty crime. According to the Acting Superintendent for the area, Simon Jones, the post-mortem examination revealed that Snellman had suffered several injuries prior to his death.

According to the property’s executor, the cleaner who discovered the body was shaken up by the discovery, who was, reportedly, sitting next to the rug holding the mummified corpse, which he believed was a cow’s hide wrapped, thanks to the extremely dry texture and appearance.

Currently, the police are looking into Mr. Roberts, wondering whether or not he was aware of Snellman’s remains, whether he was involved, and why their remains took so long to be discovered.