Mossman Gorge, Travel Tips And Tips To Choose Shuttle Tours

24 Aug

Mossman gorge is a scenic gorge and world heritage site in the Daintree rainforest. This is the oldest section of the rainforest where the pristine waters of the Mossman river flows over the large boulders and creates water holes and perfect picnic spots for swimming and relaxing.

Mossman gorge is a must visit attraction for tourists exploring Northern Queensland. The gorge is twenty minutes’ drive from Port Douglas. Tourists can book shuttle bus tour from their hotel to Mossman gorge. The shuttle buses pick up the tourists from their hotels and drop them off at the Mossman gorge centre. They can book their tours of the gorge from the Mossman gorgecentre.

A shuttle bus transports the tourists from the Mossman tourist centre to the heart of the gorge. Tourists can book guided trails or self-guided walking trails of the gorge. The walking trails are available in varying degrees of difficulty. Tourists can choose from easy ten minute trails to difficult forty five minute trails of the gorge. Tourists can also book the different tours organized by the Mossman tourist centre that involve meeting the local tribes and interacting with them. The Dream Time Walks allow the tourists to listen to the stories of the Kuku Yalanji tribes, who are indigenous to the forest and explore the forest guided by them. These guided tours allow tourists to explore the forest like a local.

Tourists can visit the Mossman gorge by booking a shuttle bus tour from the city. They can hire reputed shuttle service companies to organize the tour. It is advisable to pre-book the tour, while visiting the country during the peak tourist season. Pre-booking the tour enables the tourists to avoid the last minute rush.

Tourists should hire a reputed company for organizing the shuttle bus tour to Mossman gorge. They should prefer local companies with good experience. Tourists should conduct a background check about the credentials and safety record of the company and hire a shuttle tour company with positive safety record. They should check the licenses and permits of the company and know about the customer feedback from the previous clients. Visiting the website of the company is the best way to know about the services offered by the company and their costs.