Mobile Users Being Overlooked By Businesses

9 Aug

Web design has been a big industry especially in areas like Perth where there are plenty of website design firms available for hire. However, Andy Palmer, a marketing expert in Kent, Canterbury says that mobile web design has not seen the success that desktop web design has seen since the dawn of the internet even though mobile browsing dominates the online traffic at 60% according to comScore. With the continuing advancements in smartphone technology and the increasing pace of life, that number may continue to increase in the recent years.

These days, the internet has been increasing in popularity and utility. A lot of transactions happen online including bank deposits, payments, and shopping. However, even though the internet has been used a whole lot for business purposes, only 51% of small businesses have websites. And in that 51%, almost all but 6.7% have not optimized their websites for mobile browsing. This may seem shocking as the internet has never been so generous as it is now in giving opportunities for businesses to grow.

Google also has been generous to mobile websites by updating their search engine last April 21, 2015. This new update, dubbed as Mobilegeddon by netizens, gives a boost to mobile-friendly pages in the hierarchy of Google’s search result. The reason for that was to encourage people to optimize websites for mobile browsing. Due to that update, there has been a 5% increase in websites optimizing for mobile design since April.

However, since only a very few amount of businesses give a premium to mobile users who might have also been potential customers, the groundwork and new developments made for the internet and for mobile browsing seem to give the signal to business owners that it’s high time they should consider switching over to mobile-friendly websites.

Palmer believes that the importance of switching your website to be mobile-friendly cannot be overlooked especially if the business website plays an important role to the business. He says that you must first investigate the impact of this to your business before overlooking switching your website. Palmer further says that business owners should seek expert help if they become too crowded in handling the other aspects of the business.